Niko Home Control

It’s time for progress!

– Niko Nominated Awards –

Build It Awards, Best residential Installation, Best Commercial Installation

Smart Solutions Awards, Best Residential Installation, Best Commercial Installation, Best Product

Niko Home Control

Live comfortably and safely? That’s what you do with Niko Home Control. You control your lighting, heating, shutter and blinds, ventilation and audio … in a user friendly way. Cut your utility bills at the same time. You tune the installation effortlessly into what you and your family need.

Future Proof Your Home

Using wall switches, touch screen technology and even smart phones, the Niko Home Control system allows you to control all aspects of your home environment quickly, easily and even remotely. Control lighting, sockets, heating, air conditioning, audio and monitor your energy consumption and production. Niko Home Control is beautifully streamlined and usable.


Choose from an extensive range of finishes to compliment your interior design, or do away with switches all together for that truly minimalist look utilising sensors or your smart device for control

Alteration made easy

Alteration can now be made without the need to damage the interior finish.  By installing a BUS SCS System to connect together all of your switches and controls, it is as simple as changing the switch to add more control.  No more chasing of additonal wires, no more filling of holes, and no more redecoration required.

Integrated Audio

Why not include wall controls for your audio system?  Niko have now partnered with both Sonos and Bose allowing the system to control your favourite music via scenes or wall controls that match the rest of the Niko family